Turning main street into the main attraction


Fairmount Properties approaches town centers with two basic goals. The first is to enhance the voice of the existing community, which begins with purchasing land or rehabilitating existing properties based on actual marketplace demand. Fairmount Properties then creates a sustainable hub: that is, a gathering place around which the community can grow, or even a downtown where one had not existed previously. In addition to drawing guests with street-level retail and restaurants, these developments also provide office, housing and hospitality on upper levels. Fairmount Properties’ in-house leasing team taps their strong national and regional tenant relationships to create the optimal merchandise mix for each marketplace.


Fairmount Properties’ projects range from contextual retail districts set within historic cores to larger-scale mixed use town centers, many designed and built within a New Urbanism vernacular, and all pedestrian-scaled. Fairmount Properties supports their retail and business attractions with public spaces meant to both inspire spontaneous interaction and accommodate events such as festivals and farmers markets. To be truly successful, a town center must provide both fiscal and social returns. These projects create significant short- and long-term employment. They boost the local economy and generate meaningful new revenue for schools and municipal services. However, to be truly self-sustaining, they must continue to cultivate a sense of community. Their businesses must speak to marketplace demands with a unique mixture of regional and local tenants who add a feel that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Fairmount Properties works to ensure that each of their town centers make meaningful, lasting contributions to the communities in which they are developed.